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Thursday, May 27, 2010


A total of 14 entries participated in the 1970 5th Manila Film Festival with Dolphy's Tayo'y Mag-Up-Up and Away emerging as the top grosser.

Courtesy of RVQ Productions

Junar Productions' Dimasalang was adjudged the prestigious Grand Rajah Soliman Awards for Best Picture. Dante Rivero won the Best Actor award for the movie Wanted Perfect Mother and Rita Gomez, the Best Actress award in Bakit Ako Pa?. Other major awardees include Eddie Garcia- Best Director/ Crisis; Helen Thompson - Best Supporting Actress/Mga Batong Buhay; Mario Montenegro- Best Supporting Actor/The Hunted; Ricky Santiago- Best Child Star/Mga Batong Buhay.

The filmfest saw the entry of neophyte Lino Brocka into the Philippine movie mainstream with his first directorial assignment under Lea Productions' Wanted Perfect Mother. It introduced for the first time child sensation Snooky (Serna). Teen superstars Nora Aunor and Vilma Santos have their respective entries: Nora had two entries, Nora in Wonderland (with Manny de Leon) for Tower Productions and Young at Heart (with Tirso Cruz III) for Sampaguita Pictures, while Vilma with his lone entry, Love Letters with Edgar Mortiz for Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions. Capping the list were 4 action movies--- Tony Ferrer as Tony Falcon, Agent X-44 in Crisis, Zaldy Zshornack and Vic Vargas teamed up in Mga Batong Buhay, Rex Lapid in Shotgun Kid and Jun Aristorenas in Dimasalang; two comedy films, Up, Up and Away with Dolphy and Servillano Zapata with Chiquito, the Jukebox king Eddie Peregrina with his entry Your Love, bombshell Rossana Marquez in Modelong Ginto
and Eddie Rodriguez with another dramatic performance in Bakit Pa Ako?

"Dimasalang" (1970)- Stars Jun Aristorenas, Robin Aristorenas, Cesar Ramirz, Van de Leon, Lauro Delgado and Rod Navarro/ with Merle Fernandez and Melissa Mendez/ Directed by Junar

"Wanted: Perfect Mother" (1970)- Stars Dante Rivero, Boots Anson-Roa and Liza Lorena/ with Caridad Sanchez, Mary Walter, Eang Discher, Edie Mercado, Gina ALajar, Ariosto Reyes, Jr., Arnold Gamboa and Introducing Snooky/ Directed by Lino Brocka
(For synopsis and film clips of the movie, click here)

"Tayo'y Mag-Up, Up and Away" (1970)- Stars Dolphy, Nida Blanca, Panchito, Ricky Belmonte and Pilar Pilapil/ Directed by Luciano B. Carlos

Left- "Crisis" (1970)- Stars Tony Ferrer, Rosemarie Gil, Marissa Delgado, Alicja Basili and Joy Dee/ with Leopoldo Salcedo, Victor Bravo, Joe Sison, Jack Davis, Manolo Noble and Max Alvarado/ Directed by Eddie Garcia

Right- "The Hunted" (1970)- Stars Chario Solis, Fred Galang, Alan Matell and Mario Monte(negro)/ Directed by Cesar Amigo

"Bakit Ako Pa?" (1970)- Stars Eddie Rodriguez, Marlene Dauden and Rita Gomez/with Amado Cortez, Rosa Mia, Nello Nayo, Matimtiman Cruz/ Directed by Luis Enriquez

"Love Letters" (1970)- Stars Vilma Santos, Edgar Mortiz, Esperanza Fabon, Romy Mallari and Alona Alegre/with Baby de Jesus, Bobby Roldan & Victor Wood/ Directed by Abraham Cruz

"Nora in Wonderland" (1970)- Stars Nora Aunor, Manny de Leon, Ike Lozada, Bella Flores, Tessie Lagman/ Directed by Artemio Marquez

"Modelong Ginto" (1970)- Stars Rossana Marquez, Oscar Roncal, Stella Suarez, Robert Talabis/ Directed by Romy Espiritu

"Mga Batong Buhay" (1970)- Stars Amalia Fuentes, Zaldy Zshornack, Vic Vargas, Helen Thompson and Eddie Garcia/ with Joe Sison, Nello Nayo, Ben Perez, Martin Marfil, Manolo Noble, Ponga; Ricky Santiago/ Directed by Armando Garces

"Servillano Zapata" (1970)- Stars Chiquito, Nancy Roman, Max Alvarado and Rodolfo 'Boy' Garcia/ with Pabo; Tintoy/ Directed by To-Chi-Qui

"The Young at Heart" (1970)- Stars Rosemarie and Ricky Belmonte/ Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III/ with German Moreno, Ike Lozada; Inday Badiday/Directed by Mar S. Torres

"Shotgun Kid" (1970)- Stars Rex Lapid, Paquito Diaz, Van de Leon, Victor Bravo, Rocco Montalban, Rodolfo 'Boy' Garcia/ with Gina Laforteza/ Directed by Leonardo L. Garcia

"Your Love" (1970)- Stars Eddie Peregrina, Lyn Salazar, Perla Adea, German Moreno, Raul Aragon, Millie Mercado, Rebecca Rocha and Ike Lozada/ Directed by Jose de Villa


TheCoolCanadian said...


Hahaha! This UP UP AND AWAY is definitely a GUERRILLA STYLE FILM MAKING by Luciano Carlos.

It's such a waste sometimes – when a Filipino crew would go to another country and would end up doing something so infantile like this one. A good script should be written if you're spending airfare for your actors – that would be the most sensible thing to do. Since you're spending more moolah, make it special. I mean, if they're going to Rome and just do some sing and (not so much) dance, routine in Italian lyrics while looking at the artificial fountain in a plaza, why not just do it in PLAZA STA. CRUZ or LUNETA? Don't they have fountains there as well?

I wonder if the moviegoers walked out of the theater where this film was shown? It really looks sooo ho-hum. I would have definitely done so if I were there, cross my heart.

Amalia Fuentes and Romeo Vasquez made a film in Seattle during the Expo of the 1960s and it was as pathetic as this one. The film became a travelogue and the first 5 minutes made me yawn and just turned off the damn video.

Unknown said...

In the movie "Love Letters" starring Vilma Santos and Edgar Mortiz, there's a scene where Victor Wood is singing with the phone on hand. Would anybody know the title of the song he's singing?...tnx.

Angel Lopez said...

Correction in the caption ...Mga Batong Buhay was top billed by Movie Queen Amalia Fuentes and her leading men were Zaldy Zchornack and Vic Vargas. It was one of the festival's top moneymakers!


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