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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Two horror films from our very own, Director Gerry De Leon, released abroad (available at Amazon) under The Blood Collection:
Blood Drinkers (1965) was released locally (Philippine cinema) as "Kulay Dugo ang Gabi." It stars Amalia Fuentes, Ronald Remy and Eddie Fernandez.

Product Description:This weird and chilling tale of vampires and the undead seeking to bring their kind back to life features the evil Marco (Ronald Remy), an updated version of the vampiric Count Dracula replete with cape, fangs, and clean-shaven head! Marco seeks to reanimate his long lost love and infuse her with the blood of his victims as he casts his evil spell over the inhabitants of a lonely village. Sharp fangs gleam in the night as bloodsuckers and bats seek fresh blood from the veins of their victims in this eerie drive-in favorite, also known as "The Vampire People" and featuring unusual color photography and tinting effects. A must for any vampire film collection.

Blood of the Vampires (1966), released locally as "Ibulong Mo sa Hangin." It stars Romeo Vasquez, Amalia Fuentes and Eddie Garcia.
Product Description: Eerie visuals and authentic dungeon locations enhance this tale of the undead who live on the warm blood of human victims! Philippine horror star Eddie Garcia stars as an innocent victim of his family's dreaded bloodsucking curse, which causes him to prowl by night, Dracula-style, in a quest to comfort his insatiable bloodlust. Even his amorous seductions take an evil turn from passion to bloody frenzy! Presented here for the first time on video completely uncut from the original negative, this chilling gothic shocker (also known as "Curse of the Vampires") will leave you clutching your throat!


yuri said...

pansin ko lang po bakit wala masyadong post about eddie garcia?

evermoon said...

Hi! I used your poster of The Blood Drinkers on my blog, citing your website as the source and providing a link to it. I hope that's ok. Here's the link to my blog entry on the movie: http://film-otaku.blogspot.com/2011/10/pinoy-film-focus-kulay-dugo-and-gabi.html


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