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Monday, May 16, 2011

PINOY MOVIE TITLES # 10: "UHAW" (1970), "GUTOM" (1970) AND "BUSOG" (1970)

"Uhaw" (1970)- Stars Tito Galla, Lito Legaspi and Merle Fernandez/ with Etang Discher, Gina Stuart, Angel Confiado/ Introducing Annabelle/ Directed by Ruben S. Abalos

"Gutom" 91970)- Stars Rossana Marquez, Conrado Cordova, Alicia Montemayor, Vic Andaya, Mario Escudero, Renato del Prado, Mar Quijano, Angel Confiado/ Directed by DLZ

"Busog" (1970)- Stars Vic Vargas, Bert Leroy, Jr., Philip Gamboa and Merle Fernandez/ Directed by Omar Serolf

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