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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Gut0m (1970)- Stars Rossana Marquez, Conrado Cordova, Vic Andaya, Mario Escudero, Renato Del Prado, Angel Confiado/ Directed by DL

When the movie, Gutom opened in 1970 to a SRO crowd, a new ‘bomba’ star was born. The movie title stirred controversy (it had problem with the Censor board, same with another movie "Uhaw") and soon the movie was the talk of the town. The lead star, Rossana Marquez became a big, big star.

She was one of the more prominent and controversial 'bomba' stars during the 70s. Along with Rosanna Ortiz, Merle Fernandez, Rizza and Yvonne, these sex sirens ruled and reigned during that time, their films were all sensational hits and the theaters and movie houses showing their movies were all jampacked with moviegoers, mostly male patrons, up to the rafters.

Left- Ina Ko Patawarin Mo Ako Ako'y Nagugutom (1970)- Stars Rossana Marquez/ Directed by DLZ

Right- Jacobina: The Artists' Model (1970)- Stars Rossana Marquez, Lauro Delgado, Jessette Prospero, Mitos Gallardo and Oscar Roncal, Lito Legaspi/ Directed by Romy T. Espiritu

Modelong Ginto (1970)- Stars Rossana Marquez, Oscar Roncal, Stella Suarez, Robert Talabis/ Directed by Romy T. Espiritu

Magna Lucasta (1970)- Stars Rossana Marquez, Rico Roman, Gina Laforteza, Bert Martinez and Jennifer/ Directed by Teofilo Gozon

The Strip Teaser (1970)- Stars Johnny Delgado, Mel Francisco, Rico Roman and Rossana Marquez in the title role/ Directed by Chito B. Tapawan

Querida Mia (1971)- Stars Rossana Marquez, Eddie Garcia, Marilou Ver/ Directed by Deo Villegas

Francisca at Isabel (1971)- Stars Eddie Gutierez, Rossana Marquez, Eddie Garcia, Karina/ Directed by Tony Camonte

Dayupay (1971)- Stars Rossana Marquez, Eddie Garcia, Rico Roman/ Directed by Aquarius

Erotica (1971)- Stars Rossana Marquez, Eddie Garcia, Bert Leroy, Jr./ Directed by Deo Villegas

Bar Girl (1971)- Stars Rossana Marquez, Randy Robledo, Bella Flores, Liza Vergara, Robert Rivera and Dick Israel/ Directed by Danny Ochoa

Sexy Atsay (1971)- Stars Rossana Marquez, Rico Roman, Max Alvarado, Lauro Delgado/ Directed by Franklin Chacon


Rodolfo Samonte said...

Magna Lucasta is showing in a theater called LIDER in Quiapo. Now, where exactly is that theater? It's not in my map, and I can't recall where it was either. Anybody know? Just before I left for the US there were many theaters coming up, particularly on the corner of Morayta and Recto. Those are still unnamed on the map.

TheCoolCanadian said...

Ginoong Samonte:

Ang lider ay nasa Quiezon Blvd, malapit na sa Recto, yung before Cinerama. Sa likod nitong theater, facing EVANGELISTA yata ang kalyeng iyon, ay GALA theater where mga naghuhubarang mga babae ang nagsasayaw. Ang lobby kasi ng Lider ay may daang pababa, na pag-akyat mo naman ay nasa GALA ka na, pero sa likod na kalye. Evangelista nga yata ito. Ewan ko ba kung tama ang pangalang ito. :)

Rodolfo Samonte said...

Thanks. Now I remember, there were two theaters in that alley. Whether which one was fronting Quezon Blvd, I don't remember, but I think it was Gala. I've updated it on my map. Nalito ako doon sa Quiapo, I guess that's still Quiapo, I was thinking around Carriedo or near the Church.

Video 48 said...

Rod,tama si JM. I'm trying to figure out kanina pa. I was thinking of Center renaming it to Lider.

James DR said...

Simon, imagine, si Danny L. Zialcita pala eh gumagawa ng bomba films nung araw, like ito ngang GUTOM? Madaldal din kaya at punung-puno ng mga magagandang dialogues ito tulad ng mga nakilalang pelikula niya?

Rod, JM, yung LIDER theater, ito yata yung GINTO Theater ngayon na 2nd run. Madalas raid-in ito ng mga pulis dahil nagiging lugar ng prostitution. Nasa Quezon Blvd. ito, malapit nga sa dating Cinerama. (Tama ka, JM!).

rAzAzO'o said...

in 1997, i was casts in a glydel mercado film 'ambisyosa'. i realized that the actress playing her mother was ROSANNA MARQUEZ! i pitied her condition since i realized that life has not been quite alright for her. she was living in a small room in kamuning and had burns in her arms during the shoot. she had no decent clothes and her 'maleta' had to be tied since its hinges were nowhere. it is really disheartening to see faded actress resurface in such pathetic state. she kept on saying that she was the original ROSANNA of showbiz, i wonder what she meant then ...

Anonymous said...

would anybody have news about randy robledo?

Anonymous said...

ung bang logo ng LIDER eh ung si OBLATION?


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