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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Annabelle Rama posing for
Pic Magazine/ September 1973

Annabelle Rama, one of the lesser known stars during the “Bomba” era, entered the movies in 1970 via her first film, Uhaw, a sensational hit during its theater run. She was given her first starring role in Apoy at Paraiso in 1971 in the role of a modern-day Eve. She only made a handful of movies, a so-so stint for Annabelle during that turbulent era.
Today, Annabelle, a concert producer, also owns a talent center, which she efficiently runs and operates getting good projects for her children and her wards. She is married to Eddie Gutierrez, one of the 60s popular actors. Two of their children, Ruffa and Richard, which Annabelle closely manages, are successful in their respective movie careers. Only recently, she made a comeback movie, My Monster Mom, with daughter Ruffa and it did well in the box-office. Truly, she came a long, long way hurdling every obstacles and challenges come her way.
More on the Bomba Era

Uhaw (1970)- Stars Tito Galla, Lito Legaspi and Merle Fernandez/ with Etang Discher and Gina Stuart/ Introducing Annabelle/ Directed by Ruben S. Abalos

Apoy at Paraiso (1971)- Stars Annabelle Rama (her first starring role), Roladan Rodrigo, Ramon D' Salva, Larry Silva/ Directed by Fernando Alfon

Hayok (1970)- Stars Tito Galla, Lito Legaspi and Merle Fernandez, Rosanna Ortiz/ with Etang Discher and Annabelle/ Directed by Ruben S. Abalos

Apoy at Paraiso (1971)- Stars Annabelle Rama (her first starring role), Roladan Rodrigo, Ramon D' Salva, Larry Silva/ Directed by Fernando Alfon

Hidhid (1971)- Stars Rosanna Ortiz, Annabelle and Jessica/ with Johnny Madrid, Frank Zarate and Rod Navarro/ Directed by Danny Zialcita


TheCoolCanadian said...


I remember watching this Annabelle Rama/Roldan Rodrigo film, but it was the English version. I can't remember the exact title, but it was something like: THE WORLD OF ADAM & EVE or something. The dialogs were in English as well. Actually I have always thought that ESTRELLA ALFON was a good writer, but this screenplay was a real stinker, directed by a director who was obviously not ready to direct yet. Result: a horrendous film that was obviously a waste of time.

I remember Adam & Eve's paradise here so vividly. The flowers were made of plastic, planted allover the meadow, it looked so hilarious. Indeed, this one was something else! An unforgettable Filipino film in English (sort of trying hard to be like the PORTRAIT OF AN ARTIST AS FILIPINO, CRY FREEDOM and other Filipino films in English directed by Lamberto Avellana).

But, surprisingly, I didn't even know that Adam & Eve was also released in Tagalog.

James DR said...

the coolcanadian:
The Adam & Eve film you mentioned was released as "Apoy At Paraiso" and I have 1 movie still of that film (from MOD Magazine or Graphic Magazine?) where you described the paradise with "the flowers were made of plastic, planted allover the meadow". Nude sila pareho dito ni Roldan Rodrigo, pero nipple lang ni Annabelle ang nakita na natatakpan ng buhok niya, naka-side view siya, samantalang si Roldan Rodrigo ay nakatalikod pero kita pwet!

Kampo ni Bandido said...

Ha!Ha!ha! Baka magwala nito si Annabelle! Hay!Lagot ka DOY!

James DR said...

to kampo ni bandido:

Hahanapin ko nga ulit yun, kasi di ako sure kung totally nude si Annabelle dun or baka naka-body stockings or what.

Isa pa, kaya nga di ko ipinost sa blog yun baka magalit si Ms. Annabelle! Takot ako!!!!(he-he!) (kahit na lumabas na yun sa magazine noon). Malaki ang respeto ko sa Gutierrez family, kaya no need na ilabas pa ulit yun.

TheCoolCanadian said...


Nope. Miss Rama was not wearing any body stockings. She was completely nude, but to get the Censors approval, Fernando Alfon hid her private parts with leaves or flowers on the foreground. In her younger years, Miss Rama's body was actually pretty nice-looking, don't you agree?

James DR said...

To thecoolcanadian:

Yes, I agree! Maganda talaga ang katawan ni Ms. Rama noon (base dun sa movie still ng pelikula, pati na yung mga pictures niya dito sa blog ni Simon).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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