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Friday, March 7, 2008


Ang Magsasaging-Pacing (1971)- Stars Rosanna Ortiz, Vic Vargas,
Rod Navarro, Lina Carino, Jerry Pons, Pugak/
Directed by Luis San Juan

Originally entitled "Saging ni Pacing", but rejected by Board of Censor. Retitled to "Ang Magsasaging ni Pacing"--and it passed.

Beauty and talent set her apart from among her contemporaries during the so-called ‘Bomba’ era. Rosanna Ortiz was only 16 or 17 when she entered the movies. She became a headline item in 1969 when she witnessed the fatal shooting of Renato Pangilinan, a Bulacan businessman by actor Eddie Fernandez (see details).

She was best remembered in such controversial sexy flicks as Hayok (1970) and Ang Magsasaging ni Pacing (1971). One of the busiest stars in her time (she did more than 15 movies in 1971), Rosanna was one of the few stars who was able to make a successful transition to serious and dramatic roles. Versatile as ever, she did in Daluyong (1971) for Ishmael Bernal, Ang Kampana ng Santa Quiteria (1971) for FPJ for which she earned a Famas Best Supporting Actress nomination, Anthony and Cleopatra (1972) for Dolphy and Patayin Mo sa Sindak si Barbara (1974) for Celso Ad Castillo, where she was praised for her memorable performance.

More on Bomba Movies

Hayok (1970)- Stars Merle Fernandez, Tito Galla, Lito Legaspi
and Rosanna Ortiz/ Directed by Ruben Abalos

Natalia (1970)- Stars Rosanna Ortiz, Jessica, Van De Leon, Philip Gamboa/ Directed by Romy Espiritu

Alimpuyo (1971)- Stars Tito Galla, Gina Alonzo, Roldan Aquino
and Rosanna Ortiz/ Directedby Ruben Abalos

Bago N'yo ako Sumpain (1971)- Stars Tito Galla, Marco Antonio, Joe De Castro and Rosanna Ortiz/ Directed by Lauro Pacheco

Bukid ay Basa (1971)- Stars Vic Vargas, Rosanna Ortiz, Gina Laforteza, Philip Gamboa/ Directed by Ading Fernando

Bella Bandida (1971)- Stars Tito Galla, Eddie Garcia, Gina Laforteza, Vicky Sandoval and Rosanna Ortiz/ Directed by Leody Diaz

Daluyong (1971)- Stars Rosanna Ortiz, Alona Alegre, Gloria Romero, Ronaldo Valdez, Eddie Garcia, Arnold Mendoza/ Directed by Ishmael Bernal

Hidhid (1971)- Stars Rosanna Ortiz, Annabelle, Jessica, Johnny Madrid, Frank Zarate and Rod Navarro/ Directed by Danny L. Zialcita

Kami'y Nagkasala (1971)- Stars Vic Vargas, Rosanna Ortiz, Jerry Pons, Helen Imperial, Rodolfo 'Boy' Garcia/ Directed by Pablo Santiago

Madonna (1971)- Stars Jessica, Johnny Delgado, Eddie Garcia and Rosanna Ortiz/ Directed by Jose Flores Sibal

Maging Akin ka Lamang (1971)- Stars Vic Vargas, Rosanna Ortiz, Eva Darren, Jerry Pons, Rodolfo 'Boy' Garcia/ Directed by Jose Flores Sibal

Padre, Si Eba (1971)- Stars Rosanna Ortiz, Karina, Lynne Roselle, Diana Dean and Marco Antonio/ Directed by Lauro Pacheco

When Good Girls Go Wrong (1971)- Stars Rosanna Ortiz, Philip Gamboa, Scarlet Revilla, Helen Imperial/ Directed by Romeo N. Galang

Naked Truth (1971)- Stars Rosanna Ortiz, Jules King Reina Imperial/ Directed by Solano Gaudite


James R said...

Additional info: Rosanna Ortiz won the Best Supporting Actress award during the 1974 Asia Film Festival for Patayin Mo Sa Sindak Si Barbara.

Ray said...


Hey guys, do you know where can I buy Pinoy Bomba Movies in the 1970's? My e-mail is:
ray4rhyme03@yahoo.com Thanks.


Anonymous said...

ang tagal ko na pong nagsi-search sa internet, at salamat sa blog nyo. kaya lang po, sana ma post nyo mga pictures nila bobby benitez, greggy liwag, mark joseph, basta yong mga porn actors nung 80's ba yan. please po.

Anonymous said...

hi. this gave light to all the questions as to why so and so went to prison. I just didn't know the details then. thank you so much for all the information.
I'd like to know though where can i buy all the old flicks of Ms. Rosanna Ortiz?

wayne moises said...

She is the former Philippine actress portrayed as bold roles of the 1960's and the 1970's she is the former girlfriend of Eddie Fernandez and suitor/businessman Renato Pangilinan now retired from acting career she is now old now. Thanks!

wayne moises said...

She is a former bold star of the 1960's and 1970's in several films and media
in Philippine history. Thanks!

wayne moises said...

She is a pre-martial law bold star in several adult oriented films of the 1960's and 1970's era in the Philippines.Thanks!


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