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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Malang's interpretation of a stage show

One time in their successful and illustrious career, top movie stars and entertainers started and performed live at the Clover and Opera House. Names like Dolphy and Panchito, Chiquito, Pugo, Patsy, Lopito, the Reycard Duet, Pilita Corrales, Bobby Gonzales, Elizabeth Ramsey, German Moreno, Ike Lozada, and even Jun Aristorenas, among others started in these venues, dishing out their gags, antics, doing comedy skits, singing and performing live before large and SRO audiences. A total entertainment at its best!


Scariest and creepiest...  a segment from Director Stanley Kubrick's film, "The Shining."

SaturdayTwo days later, as the snowstorm worsens, Wendy (Shelly Duvall) finds that the telephones are inoperative. She transmits a CB radio message from the hotel's CB radio (KDK 12) to the U.S. Fire Service (KDK 1), confirming that the telephone lines, downed from the storm, have cut them off almost entirely from civilization: "Most winters, they stay that way until spring...It's one of the worst we've had for years."On another of his exploratory bike rides as he comes around a corner in his inexorable progression, Danny is petrified when he confronts the two undead girls at the end of a hallway blocking his way. In unison, they beckon to him in metallic, other-worldly voices with an invitation: "Hello Danny, Come and play with us. Come and play with us, Danny." For an instant, Danny is horrified to "see" another slide-show flash with horrific images of the carnage of past murders - the two mutilated girls lie in large pools of blood in a blood-splattered hallway, with an oversized axe lying on the floor in front of them. And then they add as they appear to get closer: "...for ever, and ever, and ever." He covers his eyes to shut out the deathly apparitions. As he slowly uncovers his eyes, it appears that they have vanished.

"Hello Danny, Come and play with us. Come and play with us, Danny."

"...for ever, and ever, and ever."

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Received his second Famas Best Actor in 1971, for "Asedillo," a true-to-life story of Teodoro Asedillo, an idealistic schoolteacher who rebelled against the American colonial government.

FPJ as Asedillo, a schoolteacher turned rebel, entering the town of San Antonio.

Asedillo addressing the people of San Antonio:

“Masakit para sa isang anak ng San Antonio na umuwi sa kanyang bayan para katakutan ng kanyang magulang at kapatid. Narito ako upang maghugas ng kamay sa mga pagkakasala na ibinibintang ninyo sa akin--- na ako ay magnanakaw."

"OO, ako ay magnanakaw…pero hindi ko ninanakaw ang mga butil ng kanin na isusubo na lang sa bibig ng mga mahihirap.Ang pinagnanakawan ko ay mga taong mawalan man ng kaning isusubo sa kanilang bibig ay mayroon pang isang dangkal na lupang pagtataniman ng palay upang may maisaing. Sila ang mga lihim na tagapagtaguyod ng aking simulain. Alam kong sila ay nagagalak sa ginagawa kong pagnanakaw sa kanila. At alam din nila na ako at ang aking mga tao ay di maaaring mabuhay sa bundok sa pamamagitan lang ng matibay na pananalig sa aming ipinaglalabang karapatan. Gusto nilang tumulong pero sila’y natatakot. Natatakot silang matulad sa akin na pinaghahanap ng mga constable sa kabundukan ng Sierra Madre… "

"…Ako raw ay pumapatay? OO, ako ay pumapatay. Subali’t ang pinapatay ko ang mga adhikain na kumikitil sa aking simulain na nagtatanggol sa mga karapatan ng mga mahihirap na katulad niyo."



Two horror films from our very own, Director Gerry De Leon, released abroad (available at Amazon) under The Blood Collection:
Blood Drinkers (1965) was released locally (Philippine cinema) as "Kulay Dugo ang Gabi." It stars Amalia Fuentes, Ronald Remy and Eddie Fernandez.

Product Description:This weird and chilling tale of vampires and the undead seeking to bring their kind back to life features the evil Marco (Ronald Remy), an updated version of the vampiric Count Dracula replete with cape, fangs, and clean-shaven head! Marco seeks to reanimate his long lost love and infuse her with the blood of his victims as he casts his evil spell over the inhabitants of a lonely village. Sharp fangs gleam in the night as bloodsuckers and bats seek fresh blood from the veins of their victims in this eerie drive-in favorite, also known as "The Vampire People" and featuring unusual color photography and tinting effects. A must for any vampire film collection.

Blood of the Vampires (1966), released locally as "Ibulong Mo sa Hangin." It stars Romeo Vasquez, Amalia Fuentes and Eddie Garcia.
Product Description: Eerie visuals and authentic dungeon locations enhance this tale of the undead who live on the warm blood of human victims! Philippine horror star Eddie Garcia stars as an innocent victim of his family's dreaded bloodsucking curse, which causes him to prowl by night, Dracula-style, in a quest to comfort his insatiable bloodlust. Even his amorous seductions take an evil turn from passion to bloody frenzy! Presented here for the first time on video completely uncut from the original negative, this chilling gothic shocker (also known as "Curse of the Vampires") will leave you clutching your throat!

Monday, October 29, 2007


It's FPJ and Tony Ferrer in the
1979 movie "Ang Agila at ang Falcon."

The popularity and success of James Bond in the 1960s [Dr. No (1962), From Russia with Love (1963), Goldfinger (1964) and Thunderball (1965)] gave rise to a legendary secret spy agent which they called Tony Falcon, Agent X-44. This was what actor Tony Ferrer needed for stardom, a right role and vehicle to inject life to somewhat lackluster and mediocre movie career. After doing supporting and second lead roles to top action stars, like Fernando Poe, Jr., Joseph Estrada, Romeo Vasquez and Zaldy Zshornack, Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions gave him his first starring role in “Markong Bagsik” (1964). But it was the role of Agent X-44 that made him a star and propelled him to the top. The movies, “Sabotage”(1966) and "Modus Operandi" (1967) were his biggest X-44 films, the top grossing movies of the 1966 and 1967 First and Second Manila Film Festivals.

G-2 (1965)

Contra- Senas (1965)

Interpol: Hadlang sa Manlulupig (1965)

Mastermind (1965)

Deadline: Agosto 13 (1966)

Trapped! (1966)

Blackmail! (1966)

Sabotage (1966)

Solo Flight (1967)

Crisis (1970)


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